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Uniting families for eternity.

We have the privilege and responsibility to help unite their families for eternity (see Matthew 16:19). 

We first prepare ourselves to make covenants as we receive temple ordinances, and then strive to keep those covenants. We also help others understand, receive, and strive to keep temple covenants. Parents have the primary responsibility to help their children experience the blessings of temple and family history service for deceased family members.

We then perform the ordinances on behalf of those deceased relatives who need them (see Doctrine and Covenants 128:18). In the spirit world, deceased individuals can choose to accept or reject the ordinances that have been performed for them.

Making your own temple covenants

You are invited to make sacred covenants during the endowment. In return, Heavenly Father promises that if you remain faithful to these covenants, you will be endowed with power from on high.

Use the Tools app to find your Ward Executive Secretary to​ schedule an appointment with your bishop.


Discovering your deceased ancestors

Bring to life your family’s history by exploring the lives of those that came before you at FamilySearch. Select the FamilySearch logo below to connect.

Visit the Orem Stonewood Family History Center, 450 South 100 W in Orem. Families and ward groups are welcome to schedule an appointment: 801-222-0497.

Visit our website to learn more.


Going to the temple regularly

Establish your own goal of how frequently you will make yourself available to attend the Provo temple. What is there that is more important than attending and participating in the ordinances of the temple?


Use the Tools app to schedule a temple ordinance at the Provo Temple.

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