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“Our Father in Heaven cherishes His children, and He wants each of us to return home to Him.PRESIDENT RUSSELL M NELSON —

Jesus loves you.


Print out and color this print, remembering Jesus.

Print and color this page. Talk about your baptism.

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1.  Orem Hillcrest Stake baptisms are held at the Orem Hillcrest Stake Center on the first Saturday of each month, except on general conference weekends or holidays when they are held on the second Saturday. Baptisms begin at 9:00 a.m


2.  Please wear Sunday-best clothing. Bring white underwear for the baptism (some is available at the stake center if needed), and a towel for each participant.


3.  The child and priesthood holder who is baptizing should arrive at the stake center at 8:30 am to check out jumpsuits and change clothes. (Men may also use their own white baptismal/temple pants and shirt if desired). 


4.  Pictures may be taken by the font before and/or after the baptism—but not during. The ordinance may not be recorded. All family members are encouraged to attend in person, but for very close family members unable to attend, streaming is allowed upon permission of the bishop. The streaming must be deleted within 24 hours. Families are responsible for their own streaming device.

5.  All wards will be assigned a room for their baptism(s) service. The service is the responsibility of the ward bishopric, but may be delegated to the ward Primary presidency. Please refer to the Handbook 18.7.2 for guidelines. A bishopric member should conduct. The following may be included: A baptismal service should be simple, brief, and spiritually uplifting. It may include the following: 1–Prelude music 2–A brief welcome from the brother who is conducting the service 3–An opening hymn and prayer 4–One or two short messages on gospel subjects, such as baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost 5–A musical selection 6The baptism 7A time of reverence while those who participated in the baptism change into dry clothes (hymns or Primary songs may be played or sung during this time) 8The confirmation of 8-year-old members of record; the confirmation of converts if determined by the bishop 9–Bearing of testimonies by new converts, if desired 10–A closing hymn and prayer, and, 11–Postlude music.

6.  Each ward will then be asked to move to the font for the baptism(s). Two witnesses, approved by the presiding leader, observe each baptism to make sure it is performed properly. Baptized members of the Church, including children and youth, may serve as witnesses. After the baptism, the child and priesthood holder will change back into their Sunday clothes. It is appropriate to play piano music or sing primary songs during this interlude.


7.  If multiple wards in the stake are having baptisms on the same day, the wards may be asked to combine into one meeting. In this case, the stake high councilor assigned to assist the stake Primary presidency is to plan and conduct the meeting. He may ask Primary leaders to help with planning. A member of the bishopric from each ward with a child being baptized should also attend (Handbook 18.7.2).

8.  Please have a member of the bishopric check to make sure that the Melchizedek or Aaronic Priesthood holder performing the baptism ordinance is familiar with the procedure prior to the baptism. 

Questions and Answers about Baptism

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