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We seek to relieve suffering and foster self-reliance.

Miraculous acts of mercy and kindness, some widely known, others quiet and gentle, define one of the salient characteristics of the Savior: His love and compassion for the downtrodden, the weary, the weak, the suffering. Indeed, these acts of compassion are synonymous with His name.

Although 2,000 years have passed since the mortal ministry of the Son of God, His loving example and His teachings remain an integral part of who we are as a people and who we are as a church.


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Caring for the needy is less about giving away stuff and more about filling the need of human contact. Like the Savior, said Sister Sharon Eubank, you are the best gift you can give others in need.


The more our hearts and minds are turned to assisting others less fortunate than we, shared Joe J. Christensen, the more we will avoid the spiritually cankering effects that result from greed, selfishness, and overindulgence.


Self-reliance groups offer practical courses with spiritual benefits. You can focus on one of four areas: employment, education, personal finances, or starting and growing a business. You can have a better life, and God will help you.

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