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Each Thursday, from 10 am to noon, Relief Society sisters (along with an occasional husband!) gather at the 4th/9th Ward building to stitch together and assemble essential items for those in need around the world. Please join us as we fulfill our divine mandate to care for the poor. For more information, contact Mary Lou Bartholomew at 801-360-7032.

Thank you for participating in our 9-11 Day of Service

The good folks of our Orem Hillcrest Stake gathered on Saturday, September 10, to assemble clothing kits for Lifting Hands International.

We made 250 clothing kits for refugees — 50 for men, 50 for women, 75 for girls and 75 for boys. Each kit had a shirt, 3 pairs of underwear, and 3 pairs of socks. All were purchased new items. Our stake humanitarian center hand made most of the girls shirts and the boys boxers. 


We also held a food drive collecting 2 truckloads to deliver to the Orem Friendship center!

in all, at least 250-plus service hours were donated by all volunteers. Funds were donated as well using Venmo.

Together, we help one another to . . .

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