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Teaching True Doctrine, by Michael T. Malm

God’s work will not fail. But our efforts to help with His work sometimes seem to fail—at least, we may not immediately see the outcomes we hope for. We might feel a little like Alma when he preached the gospel in Ammonihah—rejected, spit on, and cast out. Yet when an angel instructed him to go back and try again, Alma courageously “returned speedily” (Alma 8:18), and God prepared the way before him. Not only did He provide Alma with food to eat and a place to stay, but He also prepared Amulek, who became a fellow laborer, a fierce defender of the gospel, and a faithful friend. When we face setbacks and disappointments as we serve in the Lord’s kingdom, we can remember how God supported and led Alma, and we can trust that God will support and lead us too, even in difficult circumstances.

Increase your testimony through personal study

The Holy Ghost can open your mind and heart to messages in the word of God that are meant just for you. What do you feel the Lord wants you to learn this week?

Set aside uninterrupted time each day this week to study the following:

Additional study resources:

Follow Him Podcast (Hank Smith and John Bytheway)

Scripture Central (formerly Book of Mormon Central)

Seeking Jesus (John Hilton III)

What Church leaders have said about this week's Come, Follow Me

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