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Gathering Israel: Updates from Our Missionaries

Enjoy the latest from our Orem Hillcrest Stake full-time missionaries serving around the world. Fresh updates appear as we hear from them.

Elder Ethan Avery, New Mexico Albuquerque

Feb 26, 2024

Hey all, I will tell you what these last two years have meant to me. Over the past two years, I've likely done more with myself than I had the previous 18 years of my life. Before my mission, if I'm honest, my idea of a God and a Savior were followed in a blind faith. I didn't have much substance to work with. I had a few experiences here and there that had given me enough of a foot hold to stand on, but shakily. What started as a particle of faith, has swelled and grown to spiritual redwood. I can testify with certainty that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and God's Son. I know this because I have felt the power of His Atonement in my life. Only a being with the power described in the scriptures could bring the peace in my life that I've felt. It's been said, "I may look the same, I may sound the same, but I am not the same person anymore!" The healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ has changed me, and it has changed me forever. Christ is real. He lives. The prophet Joseph Smith saw Him. When the prophet was 14 and throughout his life. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, and only could have done so by the power of God. I'm at about the age he was when the Book of Mormon was translated. 21 year olds do not have the ability to write something as glorious as the Book of Mormon. We just aren't smart enough. I know that he was the one called of God to restore the priesthood to the earth in these days for our benefit. I have seen and felt it's power. It is as real as you and I. I know that I have been engaged in God's work of salvation. This is the 1st rate effort in the world. I've put myself on the line time and time again to prove it and God has never let me down. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the best and brightest of this generation and watch the Spirit fall upon them as they have testified. "And this is not all. Do ye not suppose that I know of these things myself? Behold, I testify unto you that I do know that these things whereof I have spoken are true. And how do ye suppose that I know of their surety? Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of revelation which is in me." I know that God wants each and everyone of us here and now. He loves me. He loves you. The gospel is restored. We have it. If we embrace it, and offer our whole soul as an offering to the Lord, it will be acceptable. See you soon, Elder Avery 1) 2 Nephi 26:25; Luke 18:22; Matthew 11:28

Sister Samantha Becerra, Korea Busan

Feb 25, 2024

안녕하세요 여러분! 오늘 잘 보내셨나요? 이메일 시간이 또 왔어요!이 이메일은 영어모두 제공됩니다! This week has been quite interesting, but I definitely enjoyed it so, so much! MONDAY: Super relaxing Pday! We woke up early to do a house walk and it was super nice cause I was able to get to know my house mates a little better. We did a lot of contacting and finding people! TUESDAY: We woke up early, got ready, and went to the church to study. I had a long Korean class and learned so much. My Korean has definitely improved since I've been here! Then we had an appointment with a person that was interested in learning English, but they ghosted us. So we did street proselyting. It was super hard because no one was out, but I did talk to a lady (she wasn't interested). it helped me overcome my fear of talking to people in Korean. Later we had a practice lesson with a member! This member actually needed our message because she was going through a lot. We felt the Spirit so strongly. She is less active and I think God had a plan for us this day to teach to her. We all enjoyed our time talking in Korean and speaking about why prayer is so important. We prayed before proselyting and I definitely received my answer on who needed us that day and who was willing to listen to our message! WEDNESDAY: I had my first District Council in Dogye. It was super fun! My district is so cool! I had my first bibimbap and it was so, so, so good! It was super spicy, but I ate it all!!! After that, we went home and did contacts and ended the night there! THURSDAY: We mainly made a goal to really step up in finding people. So we stayed at the church and just planned and studied! We had a practice lesson with a less active member and it was an awesome experience because this member is cracked at English and he asked really good questions about the church. I felt very inspired and intrigued and I was able to answer the questions he asked! He told me I knew a lot, but I knew it was the Spirit helping me answer them! After that, we went home and contacted more people. FRIDAY: It was a chill day, but we planned and did more practice lessons. I swear my Korean has gotten so much better! I feel so proud of myself. The gift of tongues has helped me so much! I LOVE SATURDAYS: In the morning, we tried to meet up with this guy that likes to play ping pong (so we try to meet with him at the church), but he didn't show up. Fortunately, we asked in advance if our teaching friends could come and they came! Their names are Ben and Mila! Ben is super into learning and he asks a lot of English questions, but he asked me to teach him Spanish. I was so shocked, but I told him "yes." His wife, Mila, loves to paint so we planned a day for painting with her. She also likes to learn languages and was also interested in learning Spanish. Now, I am teaching them Spanish! Later, a member called us and asked if we could eat lunch with her. We went over and shared a spiritual message with her! I was able to experience real Korean culture. I was able to sit on the floor and eat on the small tables for the first time and it was super cool and, yeah, i just enjoyed the food she made! Honestly, the best Korean food I ever tested! Went to the church and met up with Ben and Mila and I taught them Spanish. Then we had our English class! We taught a game and then shared a spiritual message. We taught them that God supports us in our trials and afflictions. They seemed to love it. After teaching English, we had dinner with another member and we ate so much. But during the dinner, we planned an activity for the ward that will be the funnest thing ever! SUNDAY: I GAVE MY FIRST TALK IN KOREAN YALL! I WAS SO NERVOUS! I have never been so nervous before, but I pulled through! I was so worried no one could understand me, but everyone came up to me and said my Korean was good. After sacrament meeting, the bishop asked us to join him with the youth. We talked about the activity we planned the day before: "Making Asado with Sister Becerra"! Apparently, the youth really like Mexican food, so I'm going to teach them how to make asado and other Mexican food. The whole ward is involved and they are super excited, too! It reminded me so much of home and my family! Sorry for the long email yall, but this week was awesome. I love ever second of my mission. Till the next email, love you and miss you all! 사랑합니다 Sister Becerra 배새라 자매 💜

Elder Austin Birchall, Texas Houston

Feb 28, 2024

We were able to baptize Ashley on Saturday! The water was to my KNEES so you know I had to DIP her way down into the water. But her and her family bore their testimonies and it was very sweet. It was a great experience, now we will get her parents married and into the temple together. I am so excited for them. We will try to get them married by the end of March. Andres and Riccy got married, and I got to be El Padrino (best man)!!! They are one step closer to their baptism in the Houston South Mission this Saturday. Elder T. Rasmussen and I went to town and found some families with great potential. The need and desire to baptize more families is stronger than my need and desire for anything else, it's crazy motivation. After letting them simmer on low for a while, Emmanuel and Magali are progressing towards marriage again. We are calling them every night to read the Book of Mormon with them. We also want to do a family home evening with them and the Sunday school teacher because they have a great relationship. But we just had an insane church tour (even though they've been to church like 20 times), and turns out theyve never seen the baptismal font. So we talked about Christ's baptism and they decided they want to be baptized and married ASAP. We asked them to pray about a date, and for their life circumstances to clear up so that they can make that commitment. Put them in your monthly fast, I beg of you. We're teaching one of the youth's boyfriends! Teaching teenagers is funny (he said Kendrick Lamar is too old.... not funny), because they really only hear what they want to so you have to make it super light and full of the Spirit. We watched a Jesus video and Geo said he's down to come to church again next week! Our member, Hermano Vidal, referred his friend Rogelio to us, and he came to church this week! We had a great dinner with him and another phone lesson this morning. He is really smart and curious about the Book of Mormon. He is going through a lot, so we challenged him to pray for charity and read the Book of Mormon for hope. Throw in a prayer for him 🙏! March is not even ready for the amount of consecration and dedication that is about to go down here in H10. We're setting some high goals and they will be met!!! I have seen the Lord prevail in the lives that are attacked by the adversary. As Riccy and Andres prepare for their baptism, they are constantly attacked temporally and spiritually, but they push forward with steadfastness and a PERFECT faith in Jesus Christ. I want to apply that same grit to this next month. I plan to push harder than ever before and accomplish the impossible and see miracles as I unite with the Lord in hastening His work. I have seen the Lord magnify my talents for the gathering of Israel as I play guitar with Benny every p-day. He has been reading the Book of Mormon this week. I have seen the Lord answer countless faithful and fervent prayers. I have seen all the homies seriously consider baptism. And all of the OG Utah homies baptizing people. So epic. Go to your local taqueria and order some tacos de TROMPO. Much love. – Elder Birchall

Elder Michael Birchall, Italy Milan

Feb 28, 2024

Some amazing new news: – Opening up an area is so fuuuun! – I live in a quad again – Our English class is growing so much. – I love the Book of Mormon. – I went to Venice!!!! – Prayer is powerful and has eternal significance. – Speaking to so many athiest students has deepened my testimony of Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation and of the divine potential that He offers. – My companion and the other Anziani in the apartment all play guitar so there is music everywhere. – The ward is incredible here!!! I am learning a few things from opening an area so here are two main points: 1) Joy comes from hard work and from ALL of my effort given, even when there is no immediate result. 2) Saying a heart-pouring prayer, combined with the influence of the Holy Ghost and the guidance of the Book of Mormon, answers all of my questions and extinguishes all of my worries. Why does joy come from hard work? Alma 7:34 "Teach them to never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their Souls." Why is prayer, the Spirit, and the Book of Mormon so profound and critical to my life? I will leave this second question up to you to find why. I love the mission even more every week. Right now especially, I love prayer, the Book of Mormon, and the confirmation of the Holy Ghost of the truths of these things. I love Jesus Christ. But why?? Doing what he invites me to do through scriptures, personal revelation, words of the prophets, my patriarchal blessing, my mission president, my companion, my parents, and all potentially divine sources all placed to help guide me to heaven have forever and ever changed the way I follow Christ. I am happy and confident to say that I have not sat back and waved bye at this time passing in my mission. I have prayed and planned and acted and moved to push forward my life, my friends lives, members lives, and hopefully other missionaries lives every single day. I have come to know more of who Jesus Christ really is. He lights a fire of desire in all those who follow Him. Desire to do exactly that and FOLLOW Him. To start following Him. To REstart TO follow him. To keep following Him. And to turn around and bring others to follow Him with you. Jesus Christ is the answer to everything. I know that He loves you!!! Now let's go and do what it takes to follow Him forever!!! – Elder Birchall

Elder Christian Buss, México Oaxaca

Dec 17, 2023

As a missionary (and members too, if you really think about it) our purpose is to "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." It seems like as a missionary you always find yourself in teaching situations. I enjoy teaching faith and repentance together because it just makes the most sense. I don't know why, but one day I was thinking about the story in the New Testament where Peter walked on water. I thought there has got to be a Church Bible video for it. Sure enough, there was. A couple of days later we were giving a lesson or a spiritual thought, I don't remember, and I thought I'm going to share this video and read 3 Nephi 9:14. I did it. I then asked the couple, "How can we see faith in Jesus Christ and repentance in this video and in this scripture?" They thought about it for a second and then a light bulb went off. They then gave the most perfect answer, I could not have explained it better. Some of the coolest experiences are when an idea clicks and there is a new light in their eyes and a smile on their faces. "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together." D&C 50:22 Elder Buss

Sister Madeline Christianson, Texas Houston South

Feb 19, 2024

What a week yall!! Okay so this week literally started off so rough. Like we had nobody progressing. But then we saw miracles!! Highlight: So after a really long week and a bunch of meetings, me and my companion went out and visited this one complex. But it didn't really feel right and we didn't have any successful contacts. So we left to visit someone else. And in the next complex, everyone who answered was like "I've been looking for a church actually" or "I really want to start learning about Christ" (including the first person I have met in Texas that has zero Christian background). Like nothing. It was so cool to see the Lord guide our paths. Oh, also, we taught 2nd hour which was fun. Plus tai chi with a member we are teaching. Lowlight: All the cool people we met couldn't come to church. We even went with a member early to pick someone up and they didnt answer the phone. Also, our scheduling app we use as missionaries deleted half of our contact information and schedule for no reason.... so we are still upset about that. Spiritual thought: Listen to this talk and GO TO THE TEMPLE!! Also, God loves you! Happy late Valentines Day!! Love yall!! – Hma Christianson

Sister Sharon Dunn, Canada Toronto

Feb 21, 2024

Welcome back to Sister Dunn's weekly. 😇👻❤️‍🔥 Highlights: 🤑🙊💫🙏 – We had exchanges with the STLs. It was awesome! 👏 😍 – Sister Jones found this elect man named Gabriel who came to church and institute and he wants to know more about the Book of Mormon! 😸🍓🫎 – We met this cool women named Rikki while we were finding yesterday and she seemed really down to learn more about the gospel. ☀️🎀😁 Lowlights: – We got rear ended on Friday. Luckily no one was hurt and the car is fine, but be careful out there. The roads can get slippery. 🥶🛝🌨 – Wwe got stood up allllllllllllll week. 🚨🛸 Anyway, Windsor is warming up. 🏖 We have zone conference this Tuesday. 🙌 God is still awesome! 🫡 Jesus loves you. 🫵 – Sister Dunn

Elder Jeff Lewis, Philippines Cauayan

Dec 3, 2023

It's going well out here. We had 2 families at church yesterday, the Lingasin family and Aradilios family. They're super cool and I'm excited to see them and their faith continue on the path. I had exchanges twice this week. It was really cool. We went to teach some recent converts and we met their older brother (who elders had never met). Romel, 21. We taught him and extended baptism for December 30th. He's awesome and he knows it is true. He will be huge for his younger sisters. He is the man of the house. They all went to church on Sunday. Me and Elder Ybañez have been enjoying the Blessings of the Lord. He has given us faithful members and investigators. Christmas Zone Con is this week.

Sister Rachel Lillywhite, Texas Austin Mission

Feb 12, 2024

I started my mission on October 30, 2023. After a week of home MTC, I went to Mexico City to finish my missionary training. I got to Texas on December 15, 2023. When I got here I found out that our mission currently has more Spanish Speaking missionaries than areas for them to serve in. Because of this, I would start off my mission in an English speaking area. I'm currently in the Capital YSA area. Because we are the YSA, our area covers the entire stake and is pretty big. We mainly stay in and around the city of Austin. Our area contains the University of Texas campus which is where we do most of our work. There are so many students and people to talk to! Our ward attends church at the institute building which is right on campus. We have amazing members who are always looking to help the missionaries. I love serving in the YSA and being around the university. It is such a fun place to be and there is always so much to do! You don't have to quote me on any of that haha! That's an idea of what's going on in the mission! Thanks, Hermana Lillywhite

Sister Paige Liston, Texas Houston East

Feb 26, 2024

Hello everyone!! Little update... I left the CCM on Friday and went to Texas! My first area is Lake Charles Louisiana!! HOORAY!! We got to sleep at the mission home Friday and my mission presidents are AMAZING!! Then Saturday, we got our companions and they really said "Ready. Set. Shove GO! My trainer is Sister Massey and she is so awesome! She is right next to Jesus because she is absolutely perfect!! We taught a lesson my first night here and it was such a cool experience. We taught these guys named Jesus and Ethan, and Ethan is like 12 and knows more about Jesus then me. Honestly I felt like I was in a lesson! Ethan is so ready to be baptized, but we need to get his dad on board, so please keep them in your prayers because they are amazing and so ready! Gift of tongues is so real. Every lesson is in Spanish and I know what's happening like 30% of the time (which I'm so grateful for), and I have shared my testimony and prayed and half the time I'm like, "Yep, that wasn't me!" God truly does work through us and the Holy Ghost is so powerful! I love being in Louisiana because the accents make me laugh. We went to the English and Spanish group on Sunday and I was giggling the entire sacrament meeting. Everyone is just wearing boots and I'm here for it. I seriously do love it out here and everyone has been so welcoming! Raul. Raul is soo AMAZING! I am basically in a trio because he comes and helps teach lessons with us. Raul is from Honduras. He has been a member for a year and he is the only member in his family. He really has been an example of Christ to me. Every night he texts us and asks what needs to be done. His testimony is so strong and really helps us big time. Last night he came knocking with us and I knocked my first door and did the talking and it was awesome sauce. I just had a feeling that this is where I needed to be and that this work is so important. Even if we got a door slammed in our face and they said "I don't do Jesus," I know that we are planting seeds and little by little the work will progress! Anyways, Raul is a life saver and he has also helped my Spanish so much. He is just a miracle here in Lake Charles! Yayayyaya!! Being on a mission has been so amazing! It has shown me how important it is to rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! This week, my focus has been to realize that this is NOT about me! All my worries and doubts Heavenly Father knows. But when we give it to Him, He truly does strengthen us. We are His hands and He does not give up on us. This week I invite you to see how you can be Christ's hands. How can you serve or help someone feel Christ's love. I have never felt this much joy in my life and I know it's because of my Heavenly Father. I promise that as you turn to God, you will be HAPPY— I promise, promise, promise!!! I love and miss and pray for all of you every night. I am so grateful for your support!! Feel free to email me anytime or message me. Yay! I am here for you!! I love you all. Have an amazing week! Xoxo xoxo Herman Paige 🤩😜😘😄

Sister Laura Nascimento, Massachusetts Boston

Jan 22, 2024

6° Transferência (12 Jan - 23 Fev): Vou continuar em Boston com a Sister Daniels, e estamos fazendo de tudo e mais um pouco para mudar esse lugar. Precisamos de todas as orações possíveis por Dorchester, principalmente por Meury e sua família. Kriolu é só na base do Urim e Tumim mesmo, mas tá indo 🦘 Pude usar nessa sexta o que eu sabia, e acabei aprendendo uma nova frase: "N ka krê, n'dja ten nha igreja" lol finding flow não tá finding flowing aqui (ainda... mas vai). Gente do céu, Paorã em Alma 61 mudou completamente minhas definições de "amizade". Ele escreve uma resposta à agonia e desconfiança do capitão Morôni de uma forma que só Cristo faria (62a.C.!!!!!). Ele respeitou as intenções justas do amigo (independente das ofensas), identificou revelações em meio da confusão dele, lembrou Morôni de sua fé (questionada por ele), pediu que Morôni fosse pra perto dele (ao invés de se afastar) e também encorajou Morôni a escrever aos seus outros amigos em dor, Leí e Teancum, que eles não deixassem o medo vencer. O cara acabou de ser traído e conspirado contra, mas ele escolheu deixar a vontade de Deus prevalecer, não os sentimentos feridos dele. Isso é pura integridade. Integridade que só vem com o tempo e a experiência, principalmente o tempo - que traz mais responsabilidades, cabelos brancos e arrependimentos aceitos pela expiação. O Élder Holland tem experiência de sobra, então segue um pensamento dele: ~ "I welcome you to the life that King Benjamin described and that Jesus perfectly exemplified. Welcome to concepts such as patience and long-suffering, which take on meaning you never knew they had. Welcome to not knowing but still believing. Welcome to trusting in your Father in Heaven and believing that all His promises, near-term or long-, will all yet be kept in full. But beware, there can be some anguish in this journey. That is because the road from faith to pure knowledge, from mortal trials to celestial rewards, always somehow winds through Gethsemane." ~ "Childlike obedience to [God's] parental calls and His divine warnings will spare us and others agony in the end." / Por mais irônico que soe, se tornar um adulto é aceitar o convite do Salvador de ser, reagir e acreditar como uma criança. Muitos falam que sua maturidade cresce na missão, mas a verdade é que, na missão você aprende que sua maturidade não existe. Somos completamente dependentes do Pai Celestial. O mundo é um bando de crianças procurando um Pai em quem podem confiar. Alguns desistem de procurar, mas os missionários estão aqui para aqueles que ainda não desistiram - e isso foi motivo suficiente para eu preencher meus papéis. Mesmo querendo tanto criar minha própria família, o Pai Celestial quer assumir Seu papel de pai muito mais do que eu quero ser mãe. Então, a Glória Dele tem que vir primeiro. E com ela, todo o resto - Espero que vocês tenham o desejo de fazer Deus ser reconhecido também 🤓 /e tudo bem ir atrás dos seus amigos com uma espada se eles questionarem os mandamentos. De alguém que finalmente aprendeu a escrever Katxupa, Sister Nascimento 🐞

Elder Cameron Nielsen, Spain Madrid North

Feb 26, 2024

Don't really got mucho tiempo para escribir este, pero esta bien. Ok vamos 💪. We spent basically the entire week outside of zone 😎. So absolute fire phone work happened, but why? Well, we had zone conference and a tri mission conference! So Thursday morning we left for Madrid. Nothing really too crazy happened that day, but that night we did go to an awesome Ramen shop with a ton of elders. We literally went and took that place over. Then, Friday came around and we had zone conference. The conference was awesome and I got to meet a ton of new people from the Victoria zone. That night we were surprisingly busy. Koch had to attend ZLC and do a baptismal interview. So I was left alone to just do phone calls. Which was chill. During the time that Koch was busy, I also had to plan a lesson we were teaching with some Hermanas. Why? Well, because we have an amiga whom only speaks French. She understands Spanish, but she is still learning. One of the Hermanas is from France so she speaks French and Spanish, and her comp only speaks Spanish. So I spent 30 minutes planning this lesson with them only in Spanish. It was awesome. I also lead out a lesson so that was chill. Then on Saturday, the tri mission conference with Elder Christofferson. What a day. The morning was just filled with studies to help prepare us. Then around noon we drove over there. My district was the first there, then Hermana Scott pulled up. So I talked with her for a bit. Then Elder Wagner. Then my boy Elder Jensen, incredible. Then Elder Saxey. Then Elder Christofferson himself. Then Hermana Jones. Then Hermana Tuft. So that was lit. Then we watched the conference. It was honestly a really awesome conference, but it was all in Spanish, and the translation was super laggy and bad. It was difficult to understand. But it was so awesome hearing from literally an apostle. Although it was sad because we had to leave quickly to catch a train, so I couldn't really talk to all my buddies. Sorry, we are doing district p-day today so I'm trying to hurry and get this out. But here is my spiritual thought: Gratitude! Recently at the end of the day, I thought back on all the blessings in my life and the milagros in my day. It has made my prayers so much more personal and spiritual. Conference talk "Trusting in the Doctrine of Christ": It talks about building our faith on Christ. It is an amazing talk that I really enjoyed. – Elder Nielsen

Elder Jordan Reese, Texas Fort Worth

Feb 26, 2024

What's up y'all?? Thank you guys for sending me emails. They always make my day and I will try and respond to all of them today. But let's see what I've been up to this week. I had interviews this last week with President and Sister John. They are the best mission leaders any missionary can possibly have. They have so much love for every single missionary and every single person they meet with. I asked Sister John what has been something that has changed the most in her life since she has been a mission leader and she said, "Receiving revelation for others to help guide and bless them through their missionary service." They are literally my mission parents. After caring for the needs of their family and children, the missionaries are their next priority. They are great! Exchange!! I went on an exchange with our Zone Leader, Elder Reynolds. He is super cool and it was a lot of fun, even though I had to do English work for a day. Then one of the members took us to Chili's for dinner and it was delicious. There was also a member working there when we went, so he gave us a ton of chips and salsa to take home. SAD NEWS!! Our most progressing person moved to Montreal Canada yesterday. It was sad to say "goodbye," but he said if we ever want to go visit him when he moves back to Mexico, we are always invited. He also gave us a 100-pesos bill, which was cool because I never owned any currency from another country. CLAUDIA! Our friend Claudia came to church this week and she absolutely loved it. She said that she has never attended a church like ours, but she loved all of it and hopes to keep attending. We have a lesson with her tomorrow, so hopefully it goes well. 2 Nephi 26: 24 He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation. 25 Behold, doth he cry unto any, saying: Depart from me? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; but he saith: Come unto me all ye ends of the earth. Love you guys. Have a good week!!! – Elder Reese

Elder McKay Smith, Argentina Córdoba

Jan 29, 2024

Hey yall! Sorry I haven't sent anything in a while! We've been super busy! We've been seeing sooooo many miracles!! So about 4ish months ago, the mission president was going to take out missionaries from this area that I'm in. The ward wasn't supporting the other missionaries before whatsoever. Like just blah. But Pte Zanni felt like he shouldn't. When we got here, we were having a total of like 50 people in church on a good day. We've been working super hard to support the ward and to be a blessing to them, supporting them in their callings and everything like that. This week we saw so many miracles. Close to 100 people came to church this past Sunday. In sacrament meeting before, we had the curtains closed and half of the room was filled. This Sunday, it was full and half way into the overflow room. Progress is progress. Glory to God. The only true God of growth. The Lord is real. He is the head of this Church and both Him and His organization are perfect. We've been able to help a handful of amazing souls unto baptism this past month. It is super animating to the members of the ward!!! They are super excited to keep seeing miracles and working together!! I love the Lord. I have been looking for eternal truths while reading the Book of Mormon and I testify that the Spirit will bring these eternal truths to light if we go looking for them. Having these eternal truths in mind throughout the day really help me remember the Lord and keep the eternal purpose of life in mind. Hope all is well. Love you all with all my heart. Let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone of you!!!! – Elder Smith

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