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Gathering Israel: Updates from Our Missionaries

Enjoy the latest from our Orem Hillcrest Stake full-time missionaries serving around the world. Fresh updates appear as we hear from them.

Sister Samantha Becerra, Korea Busan

Jun 10, 2024

안녕하세요 여러분! 베세라 자매 back at it with another email!! Let me give you some highlights! Monday [pday]: We did some shopping and I called my family. It was my mama's birthday. Shout out to my mama! Got to know my comp a little more! She is so fun! Anyways, yeah after that, our mission decided to switch roles of senior and junior companion, so I became the senior companion! Lowkey was so, so scared but I knew I was gonna learn so much and learn how to adapt to it! So we switched and we did a lot of contacts lol! Tuesday: We had interviews with president! Always so great to see him. After that, we had an appointment with our member where we ate some BUSSIN MEXICAN FOOD! Then we had an awesome 연습 토론 with one of our amazing members and her friend who was just baptized! After we had our appointment with a teaching friend, I taught him some Spanish! Had so much fun speaking Spanish! He loves it and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation! And we ended the night with a call with our wonderful Relief Society sister and read the Book of Mormon together! Wednesday: We had our last district council :((( So sad but we had so much fun. We went to our wonderful senior missionary home and ate some amazing burritos! After that, we "hearted attacked" a less active member's house! Then we went home did some 연습 토론. Thursday: We had an amazing board game meeting with our member and it was so fun! After that, we had a dinner appointment with a member. It was so awesome and we ended the night with reading the Book of Mormon with our wonderful Relief Society sisters! Friday: WE HAD EXCHANGES! I was comps with Sister Howard and Sister Hsiung! It was super fun! We did a lot of proselyting and I was leading out. My Korean has definitely improved. I have gained a lot of confidence to speak to people! It was so fun! Sister Hsiung had a meeting, so me and Sister Howard talked to a lot of people around the park! We taught their friend about God being our loving Heavenly Father! Then we just did contacts! So, so, so fun! Saturday: We had a board game night with the youth! So fun! After that, we had a member meal. For the first time...I was traumatized! So no one told me what I was eating but I found out that I ate .... DOG SOUP!!! Literally, I felt so bad right after but not gonna lie, it wasn't bad. Anyways, never doing that again! Sunday: It was church! Stayed for the military branch and Suseong ward. It was nice and fun! Afterward, we had a member meal and then went home. My spiritual thought: I was reading the Sister J. Annette Dennis talk! I love this quote from her! "Each person on earth is a beloved son or daughter of God. When we choose to be part of a covenant, it enhances and deepens our relationship with Him." I love this because it reminded me so much of the covenants I have made with Heavenly Father! I know these covenants we make with Him are important! I invite you this week to find one way to remember your covenants that you made with Him! You will be blessed and feel His love for you! Thats it yall! Love you all! 사랑합니다! ♡ Sister Becerra

Elder Austin Birchall, Texas Houston

Jun 5, 2024

Another great week in the books! Our new members and new friends are carrying the momentum of the ward.It is inspiring to see those learning to be disciples of Christ to inspire long time members in a way that only they can. Dagoberto, Selena and Carlos will be baptized this month. The ward has really rallied around our friends, it's great to see. Cleaned some members cars and they all pulled up to church pimped out. - Got to bless a house this week too! No more ghosts 😀. - Accompanied a little zone conference musical - Gave a little zc training on accountability (you know cuz I'm always accounting, only real ones know) Something awesome is that we reached and surpassed all of our May goals. So freak, yeah baby. We set some super high ones for June, but after zone conference we had some takeaways that helped us feel the spirit strongly about our goals. For example, 40 people at church for the month, haha. Let's get it done! My exchange with Elder Sjostrand, my second child born in the wilderness, was so fun. It was good to be with him again and to teach and find like old times. He's such a hard worker and I appreciate the work that he has done for the h6 ward. We talked a bunch about his and his companion's relationship and the main take away that we got was that you gotta let your comps know how much you love them. And you got to love them a lot. The power of prayer is mucho so if you're reading this, let's help these people out: Dagooo Carlos, Leonardo Gabriel, Ruby La fam Troncoso La fam Caballero Ever Edgar Will, Ricardo, Santos, Ligia Matt. 12:50 "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." Cya later brothers and sistas! Elder Birchall Mis fotitos:

Elder Michael Birchall, Italy Milan

May 29, 2024

Hello everybody!! Como has been incredible! It is BEAUTIFUL here. My companion and I run to the lake in the mornings to get a good work out in. As we pass the blue big and wonderful Lago di Como, I get chills as I see early morning boats floating out there in the water and a bird or two in the sky. I can't believe I live in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. It truly is a dream. 🥲🥲🥲 We have found and taught and invited some of these Como people to be baptized throughout the past weeks here. I looove the work of the Lord! People are ready EVERYwhere. On buses, in the streets, in our Italian and English classes, and there is even a member who invited us to come meet here friend to which she wants to introduce the gospel!! Basically miracles are everywhere and it is so, so, so amazing to see them with my own eyes. I love Jesus Christ and know he guides the work. And I know that Heavenly Father knows me. It was Thursday morning and we headed up to the Casa Della famiglia Mabilia, and my companion told them that I had turned 21 that day. Sorella Mabilia turns to me and goes "ma daiiii non mi hai detto nienteee!! Perchèèèè???" Which translates to, "Come ooon you didn't tell me anything?? Whyyyy?" Haha, I just laughed and said I didn't want people knowing. Well, then comes the end of our pranzo and the lights shut off, and out from around the corner walks her old Italian husband Fratello Mabilia with a CAKE and a CANDLE! 🥲 I almost started to cry!! Then, Sorella Mabilia tells me that this was the first cake she had made in a looong time, because she usually saves cake only for special occasions, but that morning she had felt "inspired" to make one for us. So, there I was left with two old Italians singing happy birthday, in English, and my companion happily singing along with them. And all that could come to my mind were the words, "God knows me." I had told no one it was my birthday. Yet God knew. And through some of His loving and faithful children, he had made me a cake and had reminded me that he cares for me—that He wanted me to be happy on my birthday. I know this is small. I could speak of many more grand and head-spinning miracles than this one. But this particular miracle spoke directly to my soul. My mom loves birthdays. She has always made sure that my siblings and I were incredibly and amazingly celebrated with balloons and presents and the Happy Birthday sign in the window. Every birthday was remembered. And mom, even though you were not here with me, Heavenly Father remembered my birthday. I know God knows ALL of His children. He knows me and you and he even remembers our birthdays. He wants us to feel loved and happy and remembered as His child. I testify that Sorella Mabilia was inspired by God to help me feel His love. I testify that miracles are REAL and that the heavens are open to all those who LOOK up, and have the eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR. Go and be the answer to someone's silent prayer. Because you never know when it is someone's birthday. I know Jesus Christ lives and that he gave his life to atone for the sins of all mankind. "He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world. His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son." Buonanotte! Elder Birchall

Elder Christian Buss, México Oaxaca

Jun 10, 2024

We had a baptism this week. It was really cool to see our friend be baptized and confirmed. To finish the baptismal service, we had our friend give the closing prayer. In his prayer he said something along the lines of, "Heavenly Father, please help endure to the end, help me become who I need to become." It made me think of the importance of focusing on our next ordinance, because it is what the leaders of the Church have always taught and it is what they are teaching today. "The one thing that would make for the safety of every man and woman would be to appear at the sacrament table every Sabbath day. We would not get very far away in one week—not so far away that, by the process of self-investigation, we could not rectify the wrongs we may have done. … The road to the sacrament table is the path of safety for Latter-day Saints." Elder Melvin J. Ballard "Imagine friends and young children more eager to prepare for and participate in the sacrament on Sunday than they were to be baptized. Surely such individuals would stand on strong spiritual foundations and be blessed with a firmness of heart, mind, might and strength.” Elder Bednar D&C 84:20 Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest. Elder Buss

Sister Madeline Christianson, Texas Houston South

Ju17, 2024

Howdy Y'all!! Sorry it has been so crazy recently! I can't even remember the last update I gave, but a lot has happened the past week so we will go from there!! Highlights: We got to take Vilma, Andrea, and Ruth to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! They called all the temple workers angels and loved how everything was in white!!! They are just the best. We visit them all the time and they are just so prepared. Baptism date miracle!! We got a referral from the elders to visit this lady. And as soon as we walked through her door, me and Hna Robison felt we needed to invite her to be baptized. First time I ever met this lady. And we invite her, only to find out she has always wanted to get baptized, but God kept redirecting her. And she is looking for a fresh start right now and it was just perfect!! Best part: she is from my dad's mission!! I am follow-up training this transfer!! Which means my new companion is in her second transfer and I am finishing her training. Hna Lundberg is amazing and so cool!! Lowlight: Hna Robison left me!! 😭 We have been through thick and thin together. She was my first comp and practically my last one. And we were together for 3 transfers which is crazy! I know she is going to do great things, but sad to see her go. Spiritual thought: "Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to diety, He has asked us to address Him as Father" - Quorum of the Twelve Apostles "9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." 3 Nephi 13:9 FELIZ DÍA DE LOS PADRES!! I am so so grateful for all of the fathers and father figures and adopted grandfathers and uncles in my life. Thank you all for your leadership, guidance, and example to me. I love you all dearly, and look forward to seeing you again soon! I also ask y'all to remember that as you pray to God, or think about Him, to remember that He is the greatest Father of them all. He has the most powerful love, the longest patience, and the highest trust in you! Love yall!! ♡Hna Christianson

Sister Sharon Dunn, Canada Toronto

Jun 19, 2024

Oh my goodness yall! 😍💖🍓 I have so much to update you on. 😁🤝 My new area is blessed! 🥭❗️❗️ We literally get fed every day and the members are so willing to help out with missionary work. Our days have been packed full of lessons, studies, service, and activities.🤩 Andddd, I literally adore my new comp. She is just the cutest!!! 🙈❤️‍🔥💫 Romila! She is the most elect soul I have ever met. Ever. 🙌 Yesterday we went over to her house for her baptismal interview and when she was done she came out literally jumping for joy saying, "I passed! I passed!" 🗣🦘💐 She is the definition of joy. She LOVES the gospel and Jesus Christ.🪐🥇 We are so excited for her baptism this Sunday. It's going to be so amazing!!!! 🎀✨️🪩 Preaident and Sister Stacey came to our church on Sunday.⛷️ We had interviews with them during the second hour. It was kinda funny though because it was like day 2 of the transfer so I didn't know what to talk about haha. 💭😽 It was a really good interview though, and we got to see president on Father's Day so, of course, we wished him a happy Father's Day! They also met our friend Romila, and they called her a miracle! She is definitely a miracle. 👾🥥⚡️ For the first time in my whole mission experience, I am not ward sharing with other missionaries and it is so good. 🙊🤝 Its getting hot and humid here. 🦺☀️ Well, I hope yall have an amazing week. Keep counting the blessings in your life. Jesus loves you. 🫵 Sister Dunn

Elder Enoch Ellis, Wisconsin Milwaukee

Jun 17, 2024

Well, my training is over. I am now a normal missionary. My trainer Elder Palmer went home, back to Arizona, to begin the rest of his life. I wish him well and hope that he will be able to fulfill all the passions of his heart, which are many. Transfers came and went in a blur. My new companion's name is Elder Lowe. He just finished the training of one of the elders who came out with me from my MTC district, so it is fun to have that connection. He goes home in two transfers so because of that, it is likely that I will stay in this area for either 1 more transfer, or 3. I hope for the latter. I love the members here and I care about the people I am given the opportunity to help. The Lord has been blessing us with some amazing teaching opportunities and I feel so thankful to be entrusted with helping these beloved children of God progress toward him. Right now, the paramount thing I am grateful for is the simple life I get to live. Because my last companion was preparing to reenter the civilian world, we talked about it regularly and counseled about how it might look. My takeaway was that this time is so blissful because all I have to worry about is helping people progress towards greater conversion, members and non-members alike. This is especially true of myself. I cherish this time knowing that part of my calling as a missionary allows me greater amounts of time to study. As a result, I have learned so much more about how to use the enabling power of the atonement of Jesus Christ to better myself. When Nephi was guided on how to build a ship, I believe he was shown by the Lord the things he would need to improve or change entirely, in order to fulfill the measure of the ship's creation. As I am trying to build my spiritual ship, to carry me across the great deep of these troubling times, I need to build it after the manner the Lord shall show me. He shows me my weakness (Ether 12:27) and not only that, he helps me to fix it. He doesn't criticize and tell me everything I'm doing wrong. When I ask for his help, he shows what I'm doing wrong AND strengthens me to take the next right step. It's still up to me to choose his path. If Nephi didn't have faith in the way the Lord told him to build and leaned unto his own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6), the ship would have sunk. We need to have the constant influence and protection from the Spirit in order to build ourselves up. We need to follow the Lord's council in order to fulfill the measure of our creation. I promise you that as you follow the Lord's model for building yourself up, using the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, you can fulfill the measure of your creation. Which is to become more like our Eternal Father. I love you all very much. Refinement is hard. Choosing the better path is hard. Becoming more Christlike is hard. Having charity and forgiveness for other people's shortcomings is hard. At the same time however, having a heart full of hate is destructive to your soul. not having a support system is hard. Feeling abandoned is hard. Not giving yourself grace is hard. Feeling inadequate is hard. Feeling unloved is hard. Choose your hard. One leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come, and the other leads to separation from God "Which is like an unquenchable fire, whose flame ascendeth up forever and ever" (Mosiah 2:38). This is the path of conversion I am on. One of improvement, mistakes, repentance and trying again. I have felt that fire which ascendeth forever and ever, I believe we all have. Jesus Christ is the only one who has the power to put it out. Let Him. I am still trying, and know that I can never be perfect in this life, and that is hard. This, among other things, is the hard that I choose. What will you choose? I love you all. I pray for you often, by name, and wish the very best. Email me, I love to talk to you. — Elder Ellis P.S. I have no pictures to send, I don't take pictures, I'm sorry.

Elder Carter Flory, Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan North

May 15, 2024

Hello Family and Friends. Here is a summary of our weekly video chats with Elder Flory. I haven't transcribed the past two weeks yet, so it's not written below ... but we were told this week that he has been sick and was diagnosed this week with Typhoid so any extra prayers on his behalf would be appreciated. Carter gave himself a haircut last night. When he was doing it, he started using the electric trimmer and the power went out. Also, the mirror is very small and not a good height for him. Since he had to give himself a haircut, he also had to take his glasses off so he couldn't see as well. He ended up using the electric trimmer with no guards and had a closely shaved area behind his right ear. He is lucky that he didn't go further before he realized what was happening. He uses the giant line of bald head to start conversations with local individuals. The rest of his week got better each day. He continued to stick with his plan and strive to do the right. They were able to teach tons of lessons, meet 4 new people, and taught English lessons. Last week when he was doing zone sessions and trading mission companions, the elders there asked him this week if they wanted to help baptize some children. He went to visit with them and the children were smaller while running around naked. They thought that Carter was really tall because the children are only as tall as his knees. They try to convert the French language to directly match the English language. For example, they started calling him “Elder of the Church '' by saying “Chinois bon bon tom tom” which literally means the ‘chinese candy older man.” He is like the Willy Wonka of the Ivory Coast according to the children. He started making a friendship and relating with them before the baptism. So, he started playing soccer. He grabbed the ball and kicked it really high into the sky so the kids were amazed at how high he can kick the ball. After they cleaned the font (which is outside) and filled it with jugs of water, he was teaching them about how to get baptized and what to expect. The little boys were happy he was there, but really nervous about holding their breath underwater. They would come up gasping for air and shaking the water off like a dog does. The little girl did not understand that she had to plant her feet down, so when she was baptized her feet and legs came kicking out of the water. It was a lot of fun and a great memory for his 1st baptism. The family is really nice, but they have this scary dog. He gave out scratch-n-sniff stickers to the family and they thought it was awesome. They met with the father later for a long discussion that went really well and was touched by the Spirit. He called Carter later that night and sounded like he was drunk. He was going on telling Carter how he was going to change his life with the baptism. He is a really nice man. Carter played blast off with a child and made an explosion sound after the fist bump. Everytime that he sees Carter, he automatically repeats the noise and starts a countdown 3,2,1…after he blasts off, he laughs so hard and long it makes him laugh too. Carter has been learning how to cook more with local items. He made a beef stew, gumbo with okra, and homemade German style pancakes. He is really proud of his cooking and how well it tastes. He has learned about paninis and is obsessed with them; he really likes to eat them with strawberry jam. A local lady makes the paninis. He also had a rotisserie chicken recently. The local temple is still under construction and will most likely be ready early 2025. Missionaries will be involved to help with the local visitors learning about the temple. If you would like to email Elder Flory directly, he is at: If you would like to donate funds towards his mission as a charitable donation, his missionary number is: 213268. Select contributions to a "missionary in another ward." These are anonymous donations. If you would like to mail a package to Elder Flory, I'd recommend using LDS express (check their website for pick up locations and dates) and ship to the following address (It takes 1-2 months to arrive). It is $35 per lb. Letters are also welcome and should be sent to: Elder Carter Dell Flory Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan North Mission Riviera Attoban L43 Derrière Église St. Bernard Cocody, Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire

Sister Rachel Lillywhite, Texas Austin Mission

May 27, 2024

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's been another month! There has been a lot that has happened and also a lot that is coming up which is exciting. We are super busy right now in Kyle, Texas. It's getting hot down here. We've also has some more storms. I don't think I realized how crazy the weather in Central Texas can be. A couple weeks ago we were playing soccer on Thursday and everyone's phones started going off. None of us thought very much of it because we get a lot of alerts and notifications. But about 15 minutes go by and a member checks his phone only to realize that it was a tornado warning and that everyone needed to seek shelter. We called the mission president and he told us to stay at the church and then to call in about 30 minutes with an update. So we hung out at the church for a little longer before heading home. The weather wasn't actually that bad, we think the tornado was a little further south, but it was definitely an exciting experience. The Kyle Fair was a couple weeks ago and we were able to go during lunch. There was a lot of food trucks, carnival rides, and music. Kyle's not very big but it was pretty impressive. I think the most entertaining thing was watching the attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the largest gathering of "Kyles". They only ended up with about 800 Kyles and came short of the record by a couple hundred, but it was pretty funny to watch all the people wearing shirts that said "Hi, I'm Kyle" being gathered into a corral to be counted. In addition to the fun things, we've had a lot of really good lessons recently with both new friends and people we've already been teaching. This past month we started teaching Petra. We met her at the park and it turns out she has some family in Mexico who are members of the Church, but she doesn't know much about it. She's so cool though! We've had some amazing lessons and the Spirit has been so strong. She also has these 2 boys (9 and 3) who don't really talk much when we visit but usually just sit in the living room and watch Paw Patrol. During the first lesson, her cute little 3 year old comes running into the kitchen with his giant toy truck. He was kind of smiling, so I thought he was coming to show it to us. But instead he stop about 4 feet short, winds up, and throw it as hard as he can at me. He completely missed so it was ok, but his mom was not happy. I wasn't too worried about it anyway. I've seen enough over the top swings to know that that truck was going to end up a mile right. If anyone remembers from last month, we are currently teaching our friend Edelmira. She's the mom of our new member Sara and is the one who we threw all of her coffee away. She is doing amazing! She is always telling us how good she feels and how much energy she has since she's stopped drinking coffee. She currently has a baptismal date for June 27th which is so exciting! She still has work on Sunday but we are working on finding her a new job so she can continue to come to church after she's baptized. She is really excited and has such a strong desire to continue to learn! This past week we had a wedding in the branch!! A family that the elders have been teaching received their marriage license this past week and we were able to have the ceremony on Friday. We only had a few days to put it together, but the branch was amazing and it turned out incredible! Their son Christian was the ring bearer and their daughter Orianna was the flower girl. It was so much fun and I loved seeing how excited they all were. What's even more exciting is that the mom, dad, and daughter are all getting baptized on June 8th!! This past transfer was Hermana Gulledge's last before she goes home on Thursday. It's crazy that she's already leaving. We have had so much fun in this area and have made a lot of good progress. She's been such a great companion and example and I'll miss her but I'm excited that she finally gets to go home haha. She's had a crazy mission. Tomorrow is transfer day! We'll be driving up in the morning to drop off Hermana Gulledge before coming back to Blanco Vista. My new companion is Hermana Ortiz, who is coming in from Elgin. I haven't met her yet but she sounds amazing. I've already heard so many great things about her so I can't wait!! I hope you all have a good month! Thanks for everything you do! Love, Hermana Lillywhite :)

Sister Eliza Liston, California Roseville

Jun 17, 2024

Ummm so last week my email never sent... LAME!!! So here is a double update!! Transfers happened and I am training! Her name is Sister Thurman and it has been so much fun! Probably the craziest thing that happened this week was that I got bit by a rat. Enough said! Also this little Hispanic lady named Juana came to church on Sunday and after sacrament meeting she walks up to us and goes, "so... do you guys have any candy for me?" Like fully expecting us to whip out a candy jar ahahaha. So I need to be more prepared next time! We have been trying a new method of street contacting where we just hand out pictures of Jesus and its actually works!! Because people who typically wouldn't talk to us are more open because we have a picture of their favorite guy! One time were doing this and we asked this literal model how he was doing and he went, "better now 😏" AHHH, so we quickly stated our purpose and it was so cool we got to teach him like every single principle! It was like a little pop quiz! We also met a guy named Jim who started crying when we were talking because he could feel the spirit so strong as we were talking YUHHH JIM!!! The COOLEST thing ever happened last week! So if you have been tuning in since the beginning you will remember my friend Johnny who was my first lesson in the field and he was just soaking up everything we taught but then he moved and went MIA! I kept him in my prayers but for 4 months no response and the elders down there couldn't get in contact with him and we were just so sad! But yesterday I got a message from some elders saying some dude named Johnny pulled up to church and bore his testimony in elders quorum!! Then Johnny messaged me and said that he was locked up for a little bit but HE'S BACK!! I'm so proud of him! His first thing he did out of jail was go to church!! YAY JOHNNY!! We had a member join us at a lesson this week (actually 3 pop off) and there was something she said that stuck out to me. She was talking about the premortal life and how when we were up there we were so excited to come down here and gain experience! That switched my whole thought process whenever something hard happens. I was so excited for this life and I probably signed up for these trials, knowing me haha! So I want to still be excited and just know that all of these things are making me stronger and smarter! I love you guys and I hope that everything is going well, definitely send me updates!! 🥰 Sister Liston Address: 304 Sutton Way, Apt17, Grass, Valley CA 94945 Photos:

Sister Paige ListonTexas Houston East

Jun 17, 2024

Hello!! These last 2 weeks have been so fun and, honestly, I can't remember everything but I will give a few highlights! — We met Leticia! She said she had been praying for angels to come to her door and the English sisters found her and sent us to her. She is sooo cute! I'm really excited to start teaching her and I will keep yall updated! — It was Sister Albarran's birthday on Tuesday and we had a little party after 9:00 with some cake and ice cream and bumped the Youth album lol!! She is the BEST! — We got to go to the temple and I did baptisms for the first time on my mission and one of our recent converts baptized me! I was so happy! Jefferson is so sweet and the spirit was so strong! — There was a Father's Day party and wow, it got crazyyy! These people know how to eat and dance! I was laughing a little too hard. And even though i can't dance for the life of me, I hit the dance floor! — Nancy is getting baptized this Saturday by her grandpa who also recently got baptized and I am sooo EXCITED for her! She is 13 and has the sweetest testimony and truly wants to follow Jesus! Hooray! I absolutely love being a missionary! I am so grateful for these experiences! I love the people here and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ brings me true joy! This week I studied about the character of Christ. We have been told over and over that we need to become like Jesus Christ... Well, it is hard to become like someone you don't know. This week I invite you to get to know Jesus Christ! Choose a character of Christ and try to focus it into your everyday life. I promise you will feel more joy and contentment in your life! I have loved coming to know my Savior better and having a personal relationship with him. I know that he knows me perfectly and he knows you perfectly! Spend some time this week and get to know Jesus Christ! Look Unto Jesus Christ: I love you all! Please tell me how your doing! Have a happy week !!! Xoxoxo Hermana Liston 🎀 19618 Atasca Oaks Dr Humble TX 77346 United States

Sister Laura Nascimento, Massachusetts Boston

Jan 22, 2024

6° Transferência (12 Jan - 23 Fev): Vou continuar em Boston com a Sister Daniels, e estamos fazendo de tudo e mais um pouco para mudar esse lugar. Precisamos de todas as orações possíveis por Dorchester, principalmente por Meury e sua família. Kriolu é só na base do Urim e Tumim mesmo, mas tá indo 🦘 Pude usar nessa sexta o que eu sabia, e acabei aprendendo uma nova frase: "N ka krê, n'dja ten nha igreja" lol finding flow não tá finding flowing aqui (ainda... mas vai). Gente do céu, Paorã em Alma 61 mudou completamente minhas definições de "amizade". Ele escreve uma resposta à agonia e desconfiança do capitão Morôni de uma forma que só Cristo faria (62a.C.!!!!!). Ele respeitou as intenções justas do amigo (independente das ofensas), identificou revelações em meio da confusão dele, lembrou Morôni de sua fé (questionada por ele), pediu que Morôni fosse pra perto dele (ao invés de se afastar) e também encorajou Morôni a escrever aos seus outros amigos em dor, Leí e Teancum, que eles não deixassem o medo vencer. O cara acabou de ser traído e conspirado contra, mas ele escolheu deixar a vontade de Deus prevalecer, não os sentimentos feridos dele. Isso é pura integridade. Integridade que só vem com o tempo e a experiência, principalmente o tempo - que traz mais responsabilidades, cabelos brancos e arrependimentos aceitos pela expiação. O Élder Holland tem experiência de sobra, então segue um pensamento dele: ~ "I welcome you to the life that King Benjamin described and that Jesus perfectly exemplified. Welcome to concepts such as patience and long-suffering, which take on meaning you never knew they had. Welcome to not knowing but still believing. Welcome to trusting in your Father in Heaven and believing that all His promises, near-term or long-, will all yet be kept in full. But beware, there can be some anguish in this journey. That is because the road from faith to pure knowledge, from mortal trials to celestial rewards, always somehow winds through Gethsemane." ~ "Childlike obedience to [God's] parental calls and His divine warnings will spare us and others agony in the end." / Por mais irônico que soe, se tornar um adulto é aceitar o convite do Salvador de ser, reagir e acreditar como uma criança. Muitos falam que sua maturidade cresce na missão, mas a verdade é que, na missão você aprende que sua maturidade não existe. Somos completamente dependentes do Pai Celestial. O mundo é um bando de crianças procurando um Pai em quem podem confiar. Alguns desistem de procurar, mas os missionários estão aqui para aqueles que ainda não desistiram - e isso foi motivo suficiente para eu preencher meus papéis. Mesmo querendo tanto criar minha própria família, o Pai Celestial quer assumir Seu papel de pai muito mais do que eu quero ser mãe. Então, a Glória Dele tem que vir primeiro. E com ela, todo o resto - Espero que vocês tenham o desejo de fazer Deus ser reconhecido também 🤓 /e tudo bem ir atrás dos seus amigos com uma espada se eles questionarem os mandamentos. De alguém que finalmente aprendeu a escrever Katxupa, Sister Nascimento 🐞

Elder Cameron Nielsen, Spain Madrid North

Jun 10, 2024

Hello there. You know the parable of the talents? Yeah, that is literally me, I have been working so hard on the mission to use my talents and grow my talents. Recently I have unlocked absolutely insane knife skills in the kitchen. I've used my powers to craft not one, but two carrot cakes. My days have been spent "[cutting carrots] before the lord with all [my] might." And behold I say unto thee that "Michal Saul's daughter. . . saw [me cutting] before the lord, and she despised [me] in her heart" (2 Samuel 6: 14,16). Oh yeah, we also received transfers new this week... I'm sure yall care more about that carrots. New area: SanSe de los Reyes, Madrid New Comp: Elder Quantz New special assignment 🤯: Office Elder, Travel Elder Yep that's right, I'm an office boy now, VAMOS. This Monday was almost a district pday. Everyone besides Santiago showed up. We didn't do anything super big, but it was still a blast. We decided we would all meet up at our capilla and eat some food as a district and play some games. The hope was that everyone brought some food, so obviously I brought a carrot cake. However, no one else brought food... But all was well because we ended up cookin some arepas, which was lit. I also absolutely destroyed Hermana Navas in ping pong (it was uncomfortably close). We played a best 2 out of 3 match, and we ended up going to the third match. The game was first to 11, but win by 2. The final score ended up being something like 17-15. Tuesday wasn't too crazy. We had to do a lot of organizing and other work that is super boring, but unfortunately very important. Wednesday was sadly a lot of the same stuff too, but we also had an online district council, and I had to do the práctica section of it, which was fun. One thing was we did teach a lesson with this dude from Peru, and I literally wanted to give homeboy a hug so badly. He moved all the way to Spain with his girl to help give her a better life, but she ending up leaving him for a Spanish dude. He felt so lonely and didn't know what to do with his life. I'm hoping we can meet with him again soon. Thursday we had some pretty good lessons. Started off by driving to a place called Cangas to meet with a family from Peru. The daughter of 13 years is a member, but the rest of the family isn't, which is pretty crazy. We ended up only being able to meet with the daughter and her mother, but the whole fam pulled up to church 🤯. What was crazier is the whole family had to go early, but the member daughter stayed the whole time even though she had to take some really difficult travel all the way home. Amazing. Then after we drove to Pontevedra for another lesson, and we ended up chatting with this Spaniard in a park for like 30 minutes about religion and stuff. Unfortunately, he said he wasn't interested in meeting with us, but if he sees us again he'll say hi. The lesson after that was pretty fire. We met with a fam from Peru and taught them about the restoration of the church. Afterwards we had a sick miracle. For some reason after the lesson, we walked with the member who came to the lesson with us even though he was on the phone and walking the opposite direction of our car. After a minute of following him, we decided we probably should start heading back to our car because we need to drive home before it got too late. As we walked towards our car, a person ran up to us and started chattin with us. She ended up being a member who had been looking for the church for 5 years. And she had only seen us because we had walked with our buddy. It was pretty chill. Saturday was a lesson day, and transfer calls, literally went from lesson to lesson. It was a really good day. To start the day, we went and played some fútbol in the rain. We also watched the transfer news which was lit. Although it was mainly hype to see where other people where going because my comp and I already know what our next transfer looked like. Basically in my mission whenever you receive a "special calling," the mission president will call you the day before to extend the call. Both of us had received a call from president. We then met with a fella named Miguel. We found him a week ago in the calles and he invited us over to his house. So we went and taught him about the Book of Mormon. After that we went to a the house of my favorite member fam so I could say my goodbyes. It was the fam of Helen and Ludin. We ended up helping them with some service, then I absolutely destroyed their son Hyrum in every game he could imagine, except uno... curse you uno... We also traded Pokemon cards with each other. They also cooked up some fire food like always. I was only holding back some tears when I said goodbye. We then went to several other lessons after that which were all pretty fire. Sunday was a tough day because it was my last Sunday here. I was so sad during the sacrament meeting just reflecting on my time spent here in Vigo. I spent a lot of time saying my goodbyes and taking pictures with a lot of people. I'm leaving to Madrid Tuesday, so I literally have zero time to go visiting all my friends, so I had to do everyone at church. Very tough. Carrot Kings Pensamiento Espiritual 🥳🥳🥳: Hey yall, my spiritual thought this week is quite simple: God loves you. Literally that is all my spiritual thought is. God loves you. It is such a simple thought, but it is so very important we remember it. I've met with several people this week who just feel so alone in life. They feel like they have no one there to help them and show them life, but I know God loves you, all of you. So don't ever think you're alone in this fight. I'll throw in a few scriptures that I think are powerful for yall to read: John 14: 26-27 Matthew 11: 28-30 John 3: 16-17 Mosiah 27: 14 D&C 68: 6 Mosiah 24: 12-15 Elder Nielsen

Elder Jordan Reese, Texas Fort Worth

Jun 10, 2024

Don't worry y'all! I'm still alive!! But it has been a while since I sent out an email!! I have been super busy and bad at prioritizing. But anyway, let's see what I've been up to: • We got to go to the temple with Claudia and do baptisms for the dead. Even though it was a little chaotic because they were very low on temple workers that morning. So me and my comp were helping all the groups before us with the confirmations. Thankfully, we still got to watch Claudia do baptisms for the dead. • We went to the ZOO!! That was a lot of fun! It was outside of our zone, so that was also fun to leave the zone and do that with our district. My favorite was probably the giraffes and the elephants. If you want to see the pictures look at the Google photos (see below). • I killed off Elder Zabel. This last week were transfers and Elder Zabel went home! That was a sad day. I was with him for about 4.5 months. • I got a new companion and I am staying in the same area for a fourth transfer now!! My new companion is Elder Harvey. • This transfer is also the transfer where the mission splits!! So I had to say goodbye to Elder Rapier, Elder Frink, Hermana Schroader, and Hermana Metcalf. So it was all just a very sad day. Spiritual Thought: "The Prophet Joseph Smith declared, 'After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.'” "Honoring our covenants as members of the kingdom of God includes sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel is one of the highest expressions of loving our neighbor as ourselves (see Mathew 22:37–39). Sharing the gospel is the Savior’s great commission." I love sharing the Gospel with those who don't know it!! It brings so much joy! Yes, sometimes it may be scary, but when you start getting scared or having doubts, remind yourself "there is no need to be scared when sharing the truth." Always remember that!! AND GO OUT THERE AND TALK ABOUT THE THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT THE CHURCH WITH YOUR FRIENDS!! IT IS JOYFUL!! Elder Jordan Reese

Elder McKay Smith, Argentina Córdoba

May 27, 2024

Hey everybody! Been a couple weeks! Life is so good. I'm not in Catamarca anymore! I got moved to an area named Cosquín. It's back down in Córdoba, about an hour west outside.of the city. It's a very touristy town, very pretty with rivers and mountains! I love it here! Unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my son, Elder Ford. I'm going to miss that man with all my soul. We got along great while working for and seeing miracles, and ooooo baby did we see them. So many changes of hearts in the Ambato ward and fua the Acosta Family will always hace my heart. Acosta Family. A woman got baptized when she was 14 in Buenos Aires, a year later she and her family moved to a little town in the Providence of Buenos Aires where there wasn't the church. Grew up in that town and ended up getting married and moving to Catamarca. Lived in Catamarca for 22 years without seeing a single missionary. Knew there was a church in Catamarca, but didn't work up to going. She now has 3 children: 20, 18, 15. Fast forward to Elder Ford and Elder Smith looking for a random member point where the people in the neighborhood all said to go to the corner house. But it didn't really add up. We went anyways... knocked on the big garage door. A woman opens it and just freaks out. AAAAHHHHHH ELDERESS!!!! NO ME DIGAAAAA!!!! She invites us to go in and share something with her family. Continues to tell us her story and how she has always told her children that this is the true church and how much fun she had as a kid. It was so fun to be able to find and start to teach this family. The Lord definitely tested our faith and patience to prove we are worthy of them. Unbelievably chosen, every single one of them. Will always love and remember them. The oldest daughter will be baptized this Saturday!!! We found them on Friday 2 weeks ago! God is good. He loves families and wants them to be eternal. I'm here in Cosquin with my new companion, Elder Tingey! He's a goat. I'm finishing his training right now 😁 I love it!!! It's genuinely so fun. He's been selling pest control since he was 16, so he has a good idea of how to grind. We are seeing so many miracles in the area and in the branch. God is preparing the Cosquin branch so hard right now. It's all just kinda coming together for these members and leaders. I'm so excited to serve and support them. And baptize all their friends and family members. 🥰 I'm in a 4-man pensión, we share the branch. I love my roommates. I have 1 transfer left. I'll be home the morning of the 4th of July. Crazy. I leave yall with a couple eternal truths to meditate and ponder! Justice always justifies righteousness, simplicity tests faith, and that there always is mercy in preparation. Jesús is the Christ, he loves us and died for us. He lives and will come again. Baptism is a necessary part in our salvation and conversion. The confirmation of the Holy Ghost engenders us to be Christ's children and changes our nature. And it can continue to do that for the rest of our lives. Be yourself and live in the Spirit. Much love!!!! – Elder Smith

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